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İngilizce Hikaye - Kitty
İngilizce Hikaye - Kitty dokümanıyla ilgili bilgi için yazıyı inceleyebilirsiniz. Binlerce kaynak ve araştırmanın yer aldığı sitemizden ücretsiz yararlanabilirsiniz.
İngilizce Hikaye - Kitty başlıklı doküman hakkında bilgi yazının devamında...
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The bell is ringing.The students are coming  out of the classromms one by one. There are a lot of  students in the garden.They are going home now.

            Harun comes to the gate and stops.He looks more carefuuly. His sister is not there.She is 6 years old.She loves school. She is not old enough to start school. She always comes to school. She waits for her brother to come out of the classroom.They go home together. On the way home they sing songs happily. Harun is unhappy now.His sister is not there today. He waits for a few minutes. He looks around again. A few minutes later she appears.

            Harun looks at her. He smiles. He asks “Why are you late today? Is everything okay?”

            Aslı says “I am here, don’t worry! I watch Kitty fora few minutes every day.”


            Harun asks “What is Kitty?”

            Aslı says “There is a Kitten. I call her Kitty. She is a lovely cat.Every day I stop and watch her. She is so small. I call her kitty. She is white and lovely.”

            Harun asks “Whose cat is she?”

            Aslı says “I don’t know. She is an ordinary cat. Shedoesn’t belong to anybody. I see her in the garden of that big house. Sometimes I play with her for a few minutes. And then I come to your school.”

            Aslı talks about the cat without stopping.They reach the house with the big garden. She wants to show kitty to her brother. She goes to the gate. She looks fort he cat but she is not there.She can’t see her around. She sorry.


            She walks towards her brother.She says  “I want to show kitty to you but I can’t find her.”

            Harun says “don’t worry! Maybe she is around and eating her meal. Let’s go home now.

We can come tomorrow. We can see her tomorrow.”

            The day after, she leaves home a little bit earlier.she wates to see Kitty.She sees kitty with another cat.

            She looks at the other cat. She thinks she is her mother. The big cat sees her. She feels frightened. She leaves. She sits behind the bushes. But kitty is there. She is playing with her own tail . Aslı goes near her. Kitty runs. Aslı catches her. They stars playing together.

            A few minutes later, Aslı hears the bell. Then she leaves for school. She meets her brother at the gate and she starts speaking about kitty again. She speaks without stopping. They reach the gate. They see the little cat there.

            Every day Aslı goes to see Kitty. She stops in front of the house and calls Kitty. She plays with her for a few minutes. Later she hears the bell. She leaves. She meets her brother in front of the school.

            One day they stop in front of the gate. They look for Kitty. Kitty looks so silent. She is unhappy today. Aslı wants to play with her. She tries to touch her. But Kitty scratches her and starts running. Aslı feels sad. She starts crying. Her brother sees them. He looks at his sister’s hand.

            It looks like a small wound. He says “Don’t cry. It is not important. It is a small wound. It recovers soon.” At home, they eat something. Harun starts doing his  homework. Harun has  a few guestions about his homework. He asks them to his father.

            He says “Our teacher wants us to write something about rabies. I want some information about it.”

            His father gives him a book about diseases. He tells him to read. He says “Find and read it yourself. You can learn beter.”

            He starts studying. A short time later he finds some information about rabies. In the article it says “Cats scratch people. This might cause rabies. He must g oto a doctor. He must take rabies shot for ten days.”

            Harun remembers his sister and Kitty. He runs to the room. He tells everything to his father. He says “Aslı has a small wound. Look at her hand, father.”

            His father asks “Whose cat is it?”

            Tom says “We don’t know.It is in that big house.”

            Their father calls Aslı. He looks at her hand. He says “Let’s g oto the doctor tomorrow.”

            The following day they g oto hospital. The doctor gives her shots for 10 days. They watch the cat during those 10 days.

            This event teaches a lesson to her about cats. She never touches street animals again.

            The owners of the animals take thers pets to a vet. They give shots to them.They feel healthy. They never give harm to anybody even when they scratch.



1-     What is the name of the cat?

2-     What kind of cat is it?

3-     Whose cat is it?

4-     Do you like cats?

5-     Do you have a pet?

What is it? What is its name?

6-     Does Mary go to school? (Is she a student?)

7-     Why is Mary unhappy?

8-     What happens while she is playing wity the cat?

9-     What is Tom doing with his father?

10- What happens in the end?




You know foxes are very clever. This is a story about a fox and his friends.

      One day a fox feels hungry. He dreams about a nice farm with animals around. He wakes up. He starts walking to find the best food. On the way he meets a rooster. He asks “Where are you going my friend?”

      The fox answers “To find food, the best food! You can come with me.”

The rooster says “AII right.” They start walking together. On the way to the farm they meet a rabbit. He says “Oh! It is nice to meet you. Where are you going?”

They say “We are going to a farm to find some food. You can come with us.”

The rabbit says “AII righ.” They aıı start walking together.

After a while they feel so tired. They want to have a rest under a tree. They sit and sleep for a few hours. Later they start walking again. On the way to the village they see a big pig. They talk to each other. The pig asks “Where are you going?”

They say “We want to find some food.Come and join us. We are happy together.”

On the way they sing songs and dance. They feel tired. They take a rest under a tree. A few hours later they feel hungrier. They become tired easily. AII the animals start dreaming about the food they like. In their dream; the rooster eats some wheat, the rabbit eats some fresh carrots, the pig eats some plants and the fox eats aıı his friends one by one.

They all open their eyes. They smile happily after their dremas. Nobody knows that the fox wants to eat the rooster, the rabbit and the pig. They start walking again. On the way to the village they meet a wild tiger and lion. They talk to them.

They tell the lion and the tiger that they are going to find some food.The tiger and the lion want to join them. The lion doesn’t the fox. He knows that he is the cleverest animal in the forest. He walks with them carefully. He watches the fox. At night they don’t want to walk. They to have a rest under a tree again. They all sit. They start talking about their memories. The rooster talks about his nest. The pig talks about his owners. The rabbit tells his memories about running fast. Now it is the fox’s turn, he talks about his cleverness. He is proud of it. After the fox, the wild tiger and lion talk about his clevernees. He is proud of it. After the fox, the wild tiger and lion talk about their sharp claws.  A few hours later  they all sleep. In the morning the rooster wakes them up.

They all get up. They start walking.Now they are hungrier than before. They reach the village and they find the largest farm. But they don’t know that the farmer has a dog. It can smell other animals very well.The farmer understands that there is a danger. In the afternoon he takes his gun. He goes a little bit far from the farm. He prepares a trap. He digs a big hole. He covers it with some plants to hide it.

The animals see the big farm. They hear the dog. They want to wait for the night. At night the fox says “I am going to look around. Wait form e here, don’t leave.”

All the other animals agree.They wait for him. The fox looks around. He sees the big hole under the plants. He doesn’t tell anyhing to the other animals. He says “ There is no danger, we can g oto the farm. We can find some food there.”

All the animals walk to the farm but they fall.They are all in the hole now except the fox. The fox shoutsand says “Oh! What is happening here? Where are you?” He says that he wants to help them. They all want food but the fox doesn’t bring food.The lion says “l am hungry. I want to eat something.” The fox says “Dear King! You can eat the rooster. Lt is just for you.”

The lion eats the rooster, then the rabbit, then the pig and then the tiger and at last he says “ I am stil hungry. What can I eat now?”

The fox says “ I eat my own heart because I am very hungry. You can do the same thing.”

The lion listens to him carefully. He sees some blood on his claws. He thinks that he can really eat his own heart. He hits himself strong in the heart. He dies. After that the clever fox eats the lion. He doesn’t feel hungry any more. He runs away from the village. The farmer can’t catvh him.

Don’t listen to everybody’s words.Don’t believe them. You can always be in trouble like the rooster, the rabbit, the pig, the tiger and the  lion.

The lion is the strongest animal but the fox is the cleverest. People are clever and have loving hearts. They are not bad like the fox.

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Ekleyen:Yahya Polatkan
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